Effective Networking: Looking Beyond the Expected

During one of my recent seminars, I spoke about how everyone you know – every single person – is a potential lead generator and stressed the importance of being able to succinctly and clearly describe what you do so you can make sure that every single solitary person that you know understands who you need to meet.

One of my audience members chimed in to say that once she started really talking about her food photography business with her in-laws, she discovered they had relatives who were close friends with Martha Stewart.  Talk about 6 degrees of separation!

A few weeks later, I found out that one of my clients was working on a project where she needed to connect with a linguist who specializes in obscure languages.  She mentioned this to me in passing – as part of a longer story related to the work we’re doing together.  Little did she know that my second cousin is the editor of a linguistics publication and did his doctorate in exactly the area she needs help with!

It just goes to show – the more people you share your passions with, the more likely you are to find someone who knows someone who can help you.  So make sure your network knows what you’re up to ‘cause who they know only matters if they understand enough to make those connections.

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  1. Georgia Bailey says:

    I enjoyed reading your article on networking. I had an ah hah moment.

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